Early Help


‘Early Help’ is the name given to enable families the earliest opportunity to get help and support for thier child or young person from birth to 25 years. It includes a range of departments. Find out more on the Harrow Local Offer page.


Early Years & Early Support in Harrow

From the moment your child is born Harrow offers your family support to identify and address any additional needs as they emerge. Here are some of the teams and networks in Harrow to support you and your child:

  • 0-5 years. Harrow Families Information Service (FIS) provide information, advice, guidance and signposting to appropriate services based on the individual needs of families. All the information we provide to families and professionals is free Families Information Service team
  • 0-19 years. The Harrow Health Visiting Service is a specialist team providing expert advice, support and interventions to families with children in their first years of life, and help empower parents and carers to make decisions that affect their family’s future health and wellbeing Health visiting service
  • 0-5 years. Portage Home Visiting Service is a home teaching programme for pre-school children aged 0-5 years, who are experiencing delayed development and are not in a pre-school/school setting Portage Home Visiting Service
  • 0-25 years. Early Support Hubs deliver services and activities for parents, carers, pregnant women and young people. There are three hubs: Cedars Hub at Cedars, The Pinner Centre, Chandos, Stanmore Park and Whitefriars; Hillview Hub at Hillview, Kenmore Park, Gange, Elmgrove and Roxbourne and Wealdstone Hub will link with Cedars Youth and Community Centre, Pinner Centre and the Beacon Centre Early Support Hubs. 

Visit the Harrow Early Support Hub Facebook page for up-to-date information on a range of support available and events

  • 0-5 years. The Early Years Team provides training, advice, guidance, and support to 160 Childminders; 110 Private, Voluntary, Independent nurseries, day care, pre-schools; and 28 school nurseries to help them to support your child with SEND and additional needs. The Early Years Area SENCo and her team support early identification of additional needs and high impact intervention in all early years settings Harrow Early Years website
  • 0-5 years. The Children’s Sensory Team works with children and young people with hearing and / or vision impairmentfrom birth to 25 years. We can work with them in their homes, play-groups, nurseries, schools and colleges Children’s Sensory Team

  • 0-25 years. The Educational Psychology Service works with Children and young people with special educational needs or disabilities, and other vulnerable young people such as those in public care, for whom there are concers about development and progress Educational Psychologist

Harrow EP Service Drop-ins at Harrow Early Support Hubs

During the session they mingle with parents, introduce themselves and their roles as educational psychologists. 

The drop-in session is not a direct referral to the Educational Psychology Service; it is an early intervention informal consultation regarding child development during which they offer advice and guidance to support parents to meet their child’s (children’s) needs. 


They support a range of aspects of development such as

  • social skills,
  • emotional well being,
  • boundary setting,
  • self-confidence,
  • speech and language,
  • early learning, play, routines (feeding, bedtime, sleeping etc),
  • independence skills,
  • toileting,
  • physical and motor development etc. (movement and coordination)


They signpost parents to other services where appropriate and empower them to engage in meetings with specialist services.  Some parents have been directed to see them by children’s centre staff or other professionals who are aware of the drop-in sessions.  Drop-in sessions appear on the Children’s Centre activities schedule (see Harrow Early Support Facebook page link above-; printed copies are also available) so that parents know when they will be at each centre.  They offer a private space for consultation if desired.  They gather feedback from parents after each consultation and they have received very positive feedback to date.


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