CONFUSED at the new SEN and Disability (SEND) laws and your rights? There are many ways for you to get the information and support you need.

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Specialist educational provision

Children and young people requiring a higher level of support at school may be eligible to access specialist educational provision in Harrow. This could include a placement in a special school, access to additionally resourced provision or educational support through the Council’s Special Educational Needs Assessment & Review Service (SENARS).

Special Schools in Harrow

There are 4 special schools in Harrow, each one specialising in various learning need areas.

Additionally Resourced Mainstream Schools (ARMS) Units

ARMS are schools which specialise in a particular area of learning need. Children in ARMS units usually have an Education, Health and Care Plan and are generally taught in smaller classes with a higher level of support than a normal mainstream school but will have opportunities to mix with children in the mainstream school. The ARMS in Harrow are as follows:

The Local Authority commissions ARMS placements from schools, and they receive funding as above.

The SEND Code of Practice places a duty on all schools to provide detailed information how they provide support for children and young people with SEND which you will be able to find by looking on their website or by requesting this from the school directly.


If you need advice or support with understanding any aspect of the Special Educational Needs system, you can contact the Family Action Harrow Special Educational Needs and Disability Information Advice and Support Service (Harrow SENDIAS), formerly called Harrow Parent Partnership Service. Their contact details are:

Family Action Harrow SENDIAS

Harrow SEND Information, Advice and Support Service

Cedars Hall, Chicheley Road, Harrow Weald, HA3 6QH

Tel: 020 8428 6487



If you need support and/or guidance during the Education Health and Care assessment process, you can make use of the local free Independent Support Service.

The Independent Support Service is completely separate from the Local Authority. This service will provide you with an independent supporter of time-limited, targeted support, for up to 20 weeks.

Young people aged 16-25 transferring from a Learning Disability Assessment to an EHC Plan can also ask to have an independent supporter.

The Independent Support Service is being provided in Harrow by the two organisations listed below. If you would like to make use of this service or find out more, please contact either one of these organisations.

  • Family Action Harrow SEND Information Advice and Support Service (Harrow SENDIASS) – contact details as above

Using either of these services does not prevent you from appealing to the Special Educational Needs tribunal about the plan at the same time; your rights are not affected and an appeal to the Tribunal can run at the same time as any disagreement resolution. However, using these services does not increase the time you have to make an appeal.


If you are not in agreement with the decision not to carry out an assessment, you can appeal to the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal, now known as First-Tier Health, Education, and Social Care Chamber.

If you would like more information about how to do this please contact:


2nd Floor Old Hall

Mowden Hall

Staindrop Road

Darlington DL3 9BG.

Tel: 01325 392 760

Fax: 0870 739 4017



You can obtain a claim form from them. Appeals must be made within two months of the applicant receiving the decision.



If you are not in agreement with the decision not to carry out an assessment then you have the right to go to mediation. Entering into mediation does not affect your right to appeal to the Tribunal.

Before registering an appeal to the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal (SENDIST) you must contact a Mediation Adviser within two months of the date of this letter to obtain a Mediation Certificate.

The Mediation Advisor will provide information over the telephone about mediation and answer any questions about the mediation process.

Once you have received this information you can decide whether you want to go to mediation. If you do not wish to go to mediation simply let the mediation adviser know and they will provide you with a certificate confirming that you have received mediation information.

The mediation adviser must send you the certificate within three working days of you telling them that you do not want to go to mediation. The certificate will enable you to lodge your appeal, either within two months of the date of this letter or within one month of receiving the certificate whichever is the later.

Details of the independent mediation service are:

KIDS London SEN Mediation Service

Tel: 020 7359 3635




Contact (formerly Contact A Family)

(National Charity that supports families with SEN & Disability-related issues. They provide a help-line and lots of information that covers any area in the UK.)

Tel: 0808 808 3555

Independent Parental Special Education Advice (IPSEA)

(The National charity that gives free legal advice on SEN and Disability education)