Short Breaks (Respite)


What are Short Breaks?

Short Breaks is also known as respite. It describes a range of services for families with a child or young person with SEN and disabilities. These can include specialist playschemes (stay and play), overnight stay, trips to the cinema, swimming lessons, music and dance clubs and sports activities.

Short Breaks for children and young people with disabilities provide the child or young person the opportunity to access fun and exciting activities whilst developing their personal skills and to make friends with their peers. It also provides the parent/carer with a break from providing care so that they can spend more time with other members of the family, pursue personal interests and educational goals or to take time out to relax and recharge their batteries.

A short break may be for a few hours, evening, overnight or weekend activity and may take place at home, in a paid carer’s home or in the community but it must provide the parent/carer with the opportunity to take a break from caring.

For more information on short breaks eligibility and the other services provided by the Children and Young Adults with Disabilities (CYAD) Service please go to the Children and Young Adults with Disabilities page.

Direct Payments

You can receive direct payments to buy services from an independent organisation, or employ a carer instead of having services arranged for you. A direct payment can only be made following an assessment of need unless you qualify for a Core Offer short break.  To qualify for a Core Offer short break you must be in receipt of medium to high rate Disability Living Allowance (DLA).

Short Breaks Brochure

For further details of the kind activities available through the range of providers, please visit the Local Offer page and download the brochure.